Jenna Koo Jewelry was born   out of a craving to create.   Artist and owner Jenna   Koopmans, a Wisconsin native,  knows what it means to work with her hands. Her mother and grandmothers, homemakers, avid gardeners and artists; her father and grandfathers, farmers of the land.  You could say it's in her genes.  After working in the horticulture industry for 10 years and relocating to Northern Colorado, Jenna knew it was time for a new kind of art form.

Jenna Koo Jewelry, established in 2014, focuses on handcrafting small-batch, heirloom-quality pieces.  Working primarily with recycled sterling silver and gold, Jenna has created a jewelry line unique to her that carries a story in every piece.  Her stones, whenever possible, are sourced locally and/or cut by hand.  Each stone has a journey and she seeks to know its past so that the final wearer can feel confident knowing that all people in the process were treated with fairness and equality.