Valentine's Day Tintype Photo Session {30-minutes}

Valentine's Day Tintype Photo Session {30-minutes}

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Join us Friday February 14th and Saturday February 15th for a Valentine’s/Galentine's/Just You Day celebration at Jenna Koo Jewelry Studio with the talented Megan of Marigold Tintypes! There will be champagne for sipping, sweets for nibbling and new jewelry for viewing as you get your one of a kind picture taken! 


We are currently booking appointments on:

Friday, February 14th 4pm-9pm  (This would make an awesome date! - Just sayin'!) 

Saturday, February 15th from 11am-6pm!

*Walk-in's are welcome as well however, space is limited and not guaranteed. 

  • Each 5x7" portrait is $80 (portrait, couple or family group shot) 

  • OR Megan is offering a Valentines Day special for side by side, dual portraits for $120! 

Dual Portrait Example:


  • Each session is 30 minutes and payment is taken at time of appointment (cash or Venmo please @Megankarson) Megan will show you your developed piece once finished but please note that photos will need to be washed, dried and varnished in Megans studio to protect the beautiful image.  Arrangements will be made for pickup at a later time either by picking them up at Jenna Koo Jewelry Studio or by delivery method. 

Grab your partner, your best girlfriend or guy friend, or come alone! All are welcome for this unique pop-up!

* Please arrive on time for your appointment! If you will be late or need to cancel, please feel free to call or text Megan @ 913-908-7224


Notes from the artist: 

Wet plate collodion is a pre-film process invented in the 1850s. The creation of these images requires several hand mixed chemicals that must remain wet throughout the shooting process. This means I must make the plate, load the camera, shoot the image and develop it within about 10 minutes. Each image is completely one of a kind and made with real silver on a 5x7” piece of aluminum. 
The exposure is slower than modern photography and sitting as still as possible during the exposure is a must! With the strobe flash lights I will be using during these indoor shoots, our exposures should only be about 1 or 2 seconds. 
A lot of factors are involved during the plate making process and it is always possible that flaws, light leaks, or chemical marks will occur. If an image is destroyed due to something on my end, I will gladly remake your plate at no cost to you. If however, you are unhappy with your plate for other reasons (you just don’t like how you look, you moved and it blurred, etc.) I will ask that you compensate me for my supplies and time if you would like me to remake it (half price). Most tintypes will have some level of “flaw” or oddity, which is what makes each one unique and special. 
Another factor would be clothing. I am definitely in favor of people wearing whatever makes them feel happy and able to express themselves so I will not tell you what you can and cannot wear. One suggestion would be that clothing with large graphics or words written on them will affect the timelessness of these images and will also appear backwards in the final image.
I also suggest avoiding pure white or black clothing, as the detail can get lost. Textures translate really nicely.
Collodion does interesting things to color. Blue will appear more white, red will appear closer to black. Another thing to consider when you are choosing your outfits.
After the tintype is created, it needs time to wash and dry. It also needs to be coated in a varnish in order to protect it from any future damage like fading or scratching. I will take all finished tintypes home with me post pop up and spend a couple days completing this process. I will then bring them back to Jenna Koo for you to pick up or arrange a shipping method for those who traveled from elsewhere!
I am thrilled to share this historical photo making process with you all. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 
Please arrive on time for your photo! If for whatever reason you need to arrive late or cancel, please call or text me and let me know! 913-908-7224 
Note: As far as payment goes, I can accept cash or Venmo (@Megankarson)